Out of State DUI Cases

It is against the law to drink and in all the states in the USA.  If an out of state driver commits a DUI, an officer notifies him or her that their out of state driving privileges are subject to suspension in 30 days.  The DUI offender has 10 days to challenge the suspension and can request a California DMV hearing.  An out of state DUI is processed the same as a California resident with the same DUI charges.  For an out of state DUI offense, it is best to contact a Pasadena DUI attorney for legal assistance for serious criminal charges.  The Law Offices of Paul S. Geller successfully defends many clients with DUI charges including out of state DUI offenders.  The experience as former deputy district attorney assists us in defending cases based on an understanding of the laws from the viewpoint of prosecution and defense.

DUI Procedures and Penalties

A DUI that occurs in California by an out of state driver is subject to the Interstate Drivers License Compact that reports DUI offenses to the authorities where it affects the driver’s license in the state where the offender resides.  In California, the out of state driver is subject to the penalties of the California Department of Motor Vehicles and the criminal courts.  A DUI defendant faces two prosecutions as follows:

  • DMV – Suspends or revokes licenses
  • Criminal courts – Imposes fines, jail time and DUI classes

Many factors can determine the amount of punishment for a DUI offense.  A first time DUI offender may face a misdemeanor DUI with minimal jail time, fines, short license suspension, community service, and DUI educational classes.  A DUI accident causing injuries or fatalities can include imprisonment and large fines.  It is important to seek legal advice for an out of state DUI criminal offense with an experienced DUI defense attorney.  Sobriety tests are often inaccurate and are subject to challenge from a defense lawyer.  An out of state DUI defendant should retain a competent attorney from The Law Offices of Paul S. Geller for representation during a DMV hearing and in the criminal courts to ensure protection of rights and aggressive defense against DUI allegations.  Make an appointment today for a consultation with one of our out of state DUI defense attorneys.

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