Multiple DUI Arrests

A DUI conviction is a serious offense with relatively harsh penalties.  A first time offender may receive a sentence of probation, jail time, fines, and DUI classes.  An indivdual arrested with more than two DUI offenses faces increased penalties.  Individuals arrested for drunk driving can benefit from the aggressive defense attorneys with The Law Offices of Paul S. Geller.  We use the experience and knowledge of a former deputy district attorney for the County of Los Angeles to our advantage when defending DUI clients.  We successfully represent many DUI defendants including those with multiple DUI arrests.  A drunk driver arrested with multiple DUI offenses should immediately contact a Pasadena DUI defense lawyer for the necessary legal advice and guidance considering the severity of the crime and accompanying penalties.

Punishments for Multiple DUI Arrests

A multiple DUI offender who causes a motor vehicle accident resulting in injuries or fatalities would face the maximum penalties for a felony DUI conviction.  An individual with multiple DUI arrests who leaves the scene of an accident with injuries may face long-term imprisonment and other penalties.  Multiple DUI convictions can include the following penalties:

  • Second offense within 10 years of prior DUI conviction – 36-60 months probation, 1 year maximum jail, fine to $1,000, 18 months DUI program
  • Third offense within 10 years of prior DUI conviction – 36-60 months probation, 1 year maximun jail, fine to $1,000, 18-30 months DUI program
  • Fourth offense is an automatic felony DUI – 36-60 months probation, prison to 3 years, fines to $10,000, 6-9 months DUI program

Additional penalties for multiple DUI convictions can require community service, license suspension or revocation and ignition interlocking devices.  An aggressive defense is necessary when fighting multiple DUI arrests.  The goal of our legal team when defending multiple DUI clients is the best outcome possible considering the criminal charges and circumstances of the DUI arrests.  Make an appointment today for a consultation with one of our DUI attorneys who defends multiple DUI arrest cases.

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