Leaving the Scene of an Accident in Pasadena

It is against the law in the state of California to leave the scene of an accident also known as a “hit and run” crime.  The circumstances of the accident determine whether the crime was a misdemeanor or felony.  An individual who is facing criminal charges for leaving the scene should immediately contact a Pasadena DUI defense lawyer before speaking with authorities to avoid making incriminating statements.  The Law Offices of Paul S. Geller represents all types of criminal cases including leaving the scene criminal offenders.  We defend clients based on knowledge of both sides of the law and draw from the experiences of a former deputy district attorney for Los Angeles County.

Leaving the Scene Felony and Misdemeanor

Following an accident, the parties involved are required to exchange information and help those injured.  A person who flees the scene of an accident that causes minimal damage and injures no one is guilty of a misdemeanor.  An accident with significant property damage and injuries or fatalities where a driver leaves the scene is a felony.  A driver who is intoxicated, causes an injury accident and then flees is a committing a very serious crime and that action has severe consequences.  Hit and run accidents are often in the media and get the public involved in locating the offender who leaves the scene of an accident.  The penalties for an individual convicted of leaving the scene may include time in prison, large fines, license revocation, and court mandated counseling programs.

It is essential to have a strong and aggressive defense when facing serious criminal DUI charges.  Hit and run drivers need the support from competent legal counsel and staff during court proceedings and DMV hearings.  The circumstances of an accident where a person leaves the scene would determine the severity of the punishment.  The goal of our attorneys is the best possible outcome considering the type of crime and the particular incident.  Our legal team has helped many clients with leaving the scene charges against them.  Make an appointment today for a consultation with one of our qualified lawyers.

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