Juvenile Charges

Juveniles accused of DUI face serious consequences in our state, due to the “zero tolerance” law that applies to young people under the age of 21 that are accused of driving with alcohol in their system.  While adult charges allow up to .08% to remain legally behind the wheel, a person under the age of 21 faces an arrest for DUI if they register at .01% or higher. This law was passed in an effort to deter young people from driving after consuming alcohol, but has led to some serious problems. .01% BAC (or blood alcohol concentration) is a very small amount; in fact the units that measure BAC have a margin of error that could lead to an arrest even if the individual consumed no alcohol at all.

Defending Juvenile DUI Cases in Pasadena

For those who have been arrested for DUI and are under 21, you need to act quickly and contact a Pasadena DUI lawyer to assist you in defending your case. If convicted, you could face serious consequences, including losing your ability to legally drive for an extended period of time, as well as fines and other punishments.  When arrested, the first thing that will happen is that your license will be taken away, and the police will forward a document to the DMV that is a notice of suspension or revocation of your license. You can have a DMV hearing to dispute the license suspension, but this must be requested within 10 days of your arrest.  You will not get your license back from the DMV until you finish the term of the suspension, and you will have to pay to have it returned to you. If you are found to be innocent of the accusation of DUI, your license will be returned to you.  The first time you are arrested for an underage DUI, the length of driver’s license suspension is 1 year. Any person who is under 21 and is accused of a DUI offense should immediately contact a high quality DUI defense lawyer to get into action in fighting the charge. Our legal team is prepared to review your situation and advise you how we will go forward with your defense. It is vital that you contact us at once after being arrested.

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