DUI with Injury

Drunk drivers cause accidents that injure and kill people every day in  the state, and lawmakers have enacted serious penalties for those that are accused of this crime.  It is against the law to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and the penalties for doing so are harsh.  An alcohol related accident that injures others can cause charges as a misdemeanor or felony and that determination depends on specific evidence and other factors.

An individual arrested for a DUI with injury charge should immediately contact a Pasadena DUI defense attorney for legal assistance before speaking with authorities.  An offender who causes an accident with injuries needs a strong and aggressive defense from the attorneys of The Law Offices of Paul S. Geller.  We are experienced in all aspects of the law and criminal proceedings dealing with the area of drunk drivers and cases where there are injuries.

Injuries and DUI Offenses

A driver involved in a DUI related traffic collision and causes injuries is subject to severe penalties.  The penalties increase if there are prior offenses, the drunk driver leaves the scene, and the seriousness of the injuries from a DUI related accident.  A DUI conviction can include:

  • Misdemeanor DUI -5 days to 1 year county jail, up to $5,000 in fines, 3-5 years probation, court mandate alcohol education programs, 1-3 years drivers license suspension, restitution to injured parties
  • Felony DUI – 2-5 years state prison, $5,000 maximum fines, court mandated drug education programs, 5 year revocation of drivers license

When faced with a DUI charge that also includes injuries to others it is essential to have support and aggressive defense from experienced DUI defense attorneys.  An officer must positively believe that a driver was drunk, was lawfully arrested and the driver’s blood alcohol level was above 0.08%.  A good defense can attack those areas when presented as evidence by the prosecution.  The Law Offices of Paul G. Geller uses the experience as a former deputy district attorney for Los Angeles County and can offer effective defense based on a perspective of boths sides of the law.  Make an appointment today for a consultation with one of our DUI defense attorneys when charged with a DUI with injuries crime.

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