DUI Expungement

When you have a DUI conviction on your criminal record, it can be a serious barrier when seeking quality employment or in other business-related matters. An error in the past should not haunt you for the rest of your life; if you would like to clean your record and get a DUI conviction expunged, a Pasadena DUI lawyer from The Law Offices of Paul S. Geller can help. We have effectively assisted countless individuals in this important legal action.

DUI Expungement Lawyer in Pasadena

Our legal team has the knowledge and skill to quickly resolve your criminal record with regard to a DUI arrest or conviction. Many employers, when they do a background check, are likely to pass over those with a DUI convictions, particularly in the current job market. They may consider that the individual has an alcohol problem even if the incident was many years in the past.  We understand how it can be vital that you get your criminal record sealed with regard to DUI offenses, and are here to help.

In order to qualify for an expunction, you must not be under any other criminal charges, must have had a clean record and avoided legal problems since the arrest, and generally have the appearance of a good citizen. When these factors are in place, it can be a fast process to get the expungement. Those who have more on their criminal record or have a more serious DUI conviction could have a more difficult time, but we know all the possible ways that this can be accomplished, and advise you to contact us at once if expunging your criminal record is important to you. We can help.

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