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The Law Offices of Paul S. Geller understand that a DUI conviction can have a negative impact on the future of an offender.  We utilize the knowledge and experiences as a former deputy district attorney for Los Angeles County to provide an effective defense for clients when facing serious drunk driving charges.  The penalties can be significant for DUI convictions and a good defense is necessary for a reduction in charges and penalties.  Before speaking with authorities, a DUI offender should contact a Pasadena DUI attorney with experience in defending all types of DUI cases.

Drunk Driver Defense

An officer that suspects a drunk driver is operating a motor vehicle can pull the driver to the side of the road and administer a sobriety test.  Trained law enforcement personnel administer tests to check for inebriated drivers.  The tests are standard but they are not always accurate and the administration of them varies from officer to officer.  A driver asked to perform simple tasks may have difficulty because of nerves and not because of the influence of alcohol.  That behavior may prompt an officer to believe he is dealing with a drunk driver and decide to administer tests to measure the amount of alcohol present in the driver.

The measurements of those tests are sometime inaccurate and state a higher alcohol level than is actually present.  If a test indicates a blood alcohol level (BAC) of .08% or higher, he or she can be subject to arrest and charged with a criminal DUI.  In the case of an accident, many factors can contribute to traffic collisions aside from drunk drivers.  Driver fatigue and poor road conditions can lead to accidents and have nothing to do with DUI-related conditions.  If a person has been drinking and driving and gets into an accident, then officers will automatically assume that is the cause of the crash.  It is essential that DUI offenders have a strong and aggressive defense against DUI allegations.

A prosecutor must present evidence that shows beyond a reasonable doubt that a DUI occurred.  It is the job of defense to challenge the evidence and protect the interests and rights of the clients.  Our legal team is knowledgeable in all available DUI defenses and knows how the prosecution presents their cases.  For help with a DUI charge, make an appointment today for a consultation with a qualified and skilled DUI defense attorney.

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