An Overview of DUI Charges

Interviewer: How many DUI cases do you think you handled last year?

Paul Geller: On average, I handle about 75-80 DUI cases per year.

A Too Heavy Caseload Can Impact the Time and Resources Devoted to Each Client

Interviewer: Is that typical amount of clients charged with DUI?

Paul Geller: It depends on the level of service that you can provide for your clients.  There are hundreds of DUI’s throughout the state, obviously. There also are, unfortunately, different levels of service and representation.  Some attorneys work on much more heavier volume, and their ability to properly defend and represent their clients can be limited because of the heavier volume.  A client may meet with an office manager and never even meet the name on the door.  They may never know who is handling their case because the office works more like a mill and there is no personal service, which is a death wish when it comes to criminal representation.  A great deal of our work is done in the courtroom or is based on the relationships between the attorneys and judges, so not having an experienced attorney actually working the case can severely reduce the quality of the representation.

The Department of the California Department Motor Vehicles (DMV) Impact on a Driver’s License Is a Component of a DUI Charge

There are various aspects to a DUI that involve the Department of Motor Vehicles, and that’s a separate proceeding. There is, of course, the court proceeding and that typically will involve lots of discovery and time. So, although the numbers of cases that I handle per year range from 75-80 or so, it’s a long process.

That volume is not that uncommon among those of us that know what we’re doing. Those that work on much heavier volume, in my opinion, don’t properly defend or represent their clients. They have much higher numbers, and the quality of service becomes much less.

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